Finished Tubular Light Sculpture

Finally I have finished this sculpture. From 80 test tubes some wood and LEDs this is happily resting in my lounge room.

It took ages on and off to complete and the final product was much better than I was expecting. A big thanks to my husband for cutting the wood, helping me to construct the pyramid and insert the test tubes, making the plinth and being my general handyman. If I had made it all myself it never would have looked as nice and neat.

Things I would change next time is how I put the series of LEDs together. Some are in groups of two, three and four and this produced different strength lights. I thought the resistor would even it out but I was wrong.

Below is the final product and process pics are under that.

I love being able to technically design something first by hand, then on the computer and then to make it 3D.

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