I have a friend who is a cat lover like myself and it was a pleasure painting her cat Dexter. I have so much fun painting and find it very relaxing. It’s always great when you get a good reaction when the owner sees it and this was one of the best so far ­čÖé


fur and cat babies

I have been dreaming about a photo shoot of my cat and baby. I had the morning off mum duties so I took some pics and did a quick photoshop job. The pics still look a bit cut out as I am low on time but has its own look. P.s.. how hard is it to get a cat and baby to both do a good pose in 1 shot?! Lol… I had fun.


After 3 months I finally have had time to do something creative for myself after having Asta. I made this selection of earrings for my friend to choose from. They are made from cardboard, paper, washers, beads and whatever I had that looked fun.

I am really appreciating now the time to sit down and do something not baby-related every now and then, and hope to do some more fun projects soon!

Wood Painting and stop motion

I decided I would like to make some paintings on wood. I love the vibrancy using house paint and had an experiment with colour.

I started off with a sketch I did years ago and took a photo of it and put it on my computer.

found this in an old pile of drawings I did
found this in an old pile of drawings

Illustrator trace

I cleaned up the artwork in Illustrator and then experimented with colour in Photoshop. When I was happy with the colour I went and bought paint to suit.

photoshop painting


I projected the Illustrator file onto the wood and traced, then painted.

See the stop motion below of the painting. I even found some old flute music I made on the computer to go with it ­čÖé


Finished Tubular Light Sculpture

Finally I have finished this sculpture. From 80 test tubes some wood and LEDs this is happily resting in my lounge room.

It took ages on and off to complete and the final product was much better than I was expecting. A big thanks to my husband for cutting the wood, helping me to construct the pyramid and insert the test tubes, making the plinth and being my general handyman. If I had made it all myself it never would have looked as nice and neat.

Things I would change next time is how I put the series of LEDs together. Some are in groups of two, three and four and this produced different strength lights. I thought the resistor would even it out but I was wrong.

Below is the final product and process pics are under that.

I love being able to technically design something first by hand, then on the computer and then to make it 3D.

Recycled Packaging Cutter Crafts


I am really enjoying using my punches to create art. Its cool rearranging boring images and making them into something more interesting.

The cutter artwork below was created from packaging from my recycling bin. The two small frames are made from old scrap artworks and Pantone swatches.



experiment with fashion drawing in Photoshop


illustration 1IMG_0028




I have been having a go of some fashion Photoshop skills through Skillshare. These two classes were great for updating my skills and refreshing my memory. It’s still all a bit rough but I’m having fun playing. The best part for me is creating and playing with the patterns then seeing them on a person.

The classes were:

  • Bring your patterns to life using Photos as mockups by Agnieszka Kobylinska
  • Photoshop for Fashion by Schauinchanel Alexander