Inverse Two


wood, paint

This work plays with opposite colour and movement across two panels. The inverse colour relationship changes with cast shadows viewed from different standpoints

Pink Case


aliminium cans, paint

24 cans painted and attached to board. This is an experiment with using tins to create art.




old colour swatches creates waves

Roped In


Laser-cut MDF, rope, plastic tubing

Painted ropes in plastic tubes weave across a landscape of coloured arches. The grouping invites the viewer to experience a sense of motion within the pattern.

Below is the process I went through making it.

Point of View


Laser-cut MDF, wooden dowel, paint

This work was made to create a sense of play and movement, allowing each viewer to experience a different point of view.

Recycled Art


Twine in Lines
Plastic twine and tubing on board

This mixed media artwork was created by stuffing clear plastic tubing with coloured synthetic twine, chopping it up and gluing the pieces onto the board. I visited Reverse Garbage for inspiration and found the materials there. Next, I was able to plan out the construction digitally then compose the bits onto the board.

The abstract lines of colour explore a different way of using twine, which can damage the environment when discarded. Apart from causing problems for wildlife, toxic chemicals can leach from the soil where twine is buried and harmful chemicals are released when it is burnt. I love the process of using a theme to explore new techniques and practices and coming up with different ways to use materials that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

Shiny Gold
Clear tubing and card on board.

Shiny gold is a mixed media artwork that was inspired by the past gold mining era in Gulgong. This work was created by rolling up coloured card and inserting them into clear plastic tubes. After this the tubes were chopped up into rolls and assembled on the board. The many rolls represent the people digging for gold in a bustling growing town. If you look closely you might see a gold nugget.

Rainbow Meteor
Clear tubing and card on board.



This work invites the viewer to explore inverted geometric shapes not usually found in nature.

These visual elements connect to its environment, with changing shadows moving across its cubic form.

Full of It


144 LEDs, bottles from Reverse Garbage, styrofoam balls.



84 Test Tubes, Wood, LEDs.





71 LEDs, timber, perspex, printed adhesive